Bastian Stark

An old man that most believe is crazy. He claims to have been to Inner Earth. Abrams believes him and perhaps with good reason.


“Crazy Bastian”
“Stark Mad”
“Mr. Goonie”
“Mole Man”

Bastian Stark has been called many things in his day but never an “asset and vital part of a greater plan.” Even now, at age 85 and mostly senile, Bastian understood the importance of what Dr. Johathan D. Abrams was saying to him.

For years Bastian claimed to have been part of a small entourage that mistakenly traveled to a land within the center of the earth via the The Bermuda Triangle where he lived for three-hundred years before finding a way out. In reality though, the doctor’s at the mental institution in which he resides can only verify that he was missing at sea for only a matter of weeks. No one believes his story. And why should they? Bastian Stark was on record as suffering from “paranoid delusion” even before his brief absence at sea.
But Abrams believes in him wholeheartedly. “Bastian, you are an asset and a vital part of a greater plan,” he had said to him. “We need you.”


Bastian Stark

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