Inner Earth

Olde Victoria Underground Battle

The adventurers fought valiantly at Olde Victoria Underground! There was a good mixture of muscle and strategy. Much was learned.
As such, please apply 5 POINTS to your character.

At every 5 points you can upgrade your character! This means you can spend these immediately. Keep in mind what your character has been through. You may want to apply these points in areas where your character may have learned a new skill due to all the trials he’s survived.
Or perhaps Inner Earth has hardened your character and they’ve adapted or learned a new Edge.
The only thing you CANNOT do is change your characters attributes. (Unless there’s a really valid in-game reason… message me.)

Spend wisely!

That is all but read on if you need some tips on spending your points:

Each die type increase costs 1 POINT per increase up to the Attribute die type. Once you pass that it cost 2 POINTS.

Example if your Agility is d10:

You can buy Fighting d10 for 4 points (d4.. d6.. d8.. d10).
Fighting d12 would cost six points because the 1 die type above Agility d10 cost 2 points instead of 1.

All Edges are 2 POINTS each.



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