Dr. Owen Mason

Self-involved Physicist.


Agility d6
Smarts d10
Spirit d6
Strength d4
Vigor d6

Skills: Notice d10, Knowledge (Physics/AstroPhysics) d8(2), Knowledge (Science/Biology) d8(2), Knowledge (Science/GeoScience) d6(+2), Weird Science d6, Shooting d6, Fighting d4.

Jack-of-All-Trades – No -2 modifier for “smarts” rolls.
McGyver – Improvise temporary gadgets.
Improvisational Fighter – Can use items not meant to be weapons as such without penalty.
Academic – +2 to all Knowledge Checks related to field of study
+4 to Remembrance Checks
+2 to success of “cockamamie” ideas

Arrogant (Major) – Convinced of his own intellectual superiority and feels the need to prove it.
Doubting Thomas (Major) – Doesn’t believe in the supernatural; Guts rolls penalized.
Cautious (Minor) – Likes to avoid rash decisions and plans out excessively.
Heartless (Minor) – Doesn’t have any qualms about killing to accomplish goals.

Derived Stats: Pace: 6, Parry: 5, Toughness 5, Charisma: 0

Pheromone Pellet Gun
Rank: Novice
Power Points: 2
Range: Smarts x 2
Duration: Instant
Trappings: Gestures, eldritch energy, cold chills.
This power causes the target overwhelming dread and
horror. The area of effect is the Large Burst Template. Every
creature beneath the template must make a Fear check, at –2
if the caster got a raise. Wild Cards who fail roll on the Fear
Table. Extras are Panicked instead.


“Our universe is based around a very specific set of rules. To hear that there is a place on this planet where science as we know it is thrown out the window…I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Physical Description: Owen has thinking eyes. You know, the kind of eyes that expose the complex processes of a mind racing with an over-powered engine. His pale skin is mostly hidden by drab, practical clothes. His hair has outgrown its cut by about two weeks and his face is time-locked in a 5-o-clock shadow. With slightly over-sized glasses and a slim frame there’s nothing overly memorable about him at first glance. Well, except those eyes.

Relatives: (Father)Cedric, (Mother)Jane.

Bio: The first 8 years of Owen’s life were fairly uneventful. He made excellent grades in school and just about never got into trouble (not that his parents seemed to notice). His Father was a navy officer and was frequently away on his “tour of duty” and his mother was always preoccupied with book clubs, yoga, and church events. After school he never had anyone immediately to come home to so young Owen found companionship in the public library.

Year 9 -
One monday morning Owen awoke to the smells of bacon, eggs, hash-browns and pancakes. He didn’t believe it until he came downstairs and saw it with his own eyes, His mom had a full-course breakfast with all the trimmings. When she started serving him his meal he could see she had been crying. “Eat up sweetie. A smart boy like you needs his brain food. Hey how about I pick you up after school and we go for ice-cream!” “Mom I’m almost 9 and a half… yeah, that sounds great.”

That evening immediately after ordering their scoops Owen was told that his father’s boat was lost at sea. The Navy refused to give any details, they just repeated, “It was one of those things you can’t prepare for” and that they “will continue to keep searching”. That Cedric was a great officer and proudly served his country.

As the years passed Owen threw himself into his studies as his mother threw herself into anything and everything she came by. He received a full scholarship to Stanford University but made the Government pay for him to go to Harvard (since they had promised to take care of him). During college he had eventually managed to dig up more information on his father’s disappearance and found that there were some conspiracy theorists saying it had to do with the bermuda triangle.
Owen was never one to jump to conclusions but he continued to research and write down his findings in a leather bound book he always kept on him for safe-keeping.

He graduated with a Doctorate in Physics/AstroPhysics and was not even a day later contact by a Mr. J Abrams. He said he had contacted him because they share very similar interests geographically and that he could be a valued member of a research team he was putting together. There was all about 5 seconds of hesitation before Owen happily agreed.

Dr. Owen Mason

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