Luther Wiley

Grizzled Captain of the Rambler


Quotes: “There’s only three things in this world that I fear, but I also love every one of them dearly: the Sea, the Almighty God and my dear Mable”
“War Eagle!”

Physical Description: Luther is a huge man, standing over 6’2” and well above 300 pounds. He has a fairly long beard, which is groomed anywhere from fairly neatly to not at all depending on his proximity to his wife. He can usually be seen wearing boots, an oil stained set of coveralls with one of his several Auburn caps on. In demeanor he is generally gregarious and pleasant, if vulgar when there are no ladies present. The only exception to this rule is when he feels that seriousness is called for, when he be a tough and demanding boss.

Relatives: Mable nee Busch (wife), Thomas “Cubbie” (son), Elizabeth “Libbie” (daughter), Edward (father, deceased), Vera (mother, deceased), Richard (brother, deceased)

Bio: Born in Bay Minette, Alabama in 1956 into a struggling but close-nit family of fishermen. Due to the economic hardships of fishing at the time, Luther began accompanying his father to sea as soon as he was able during breaks from school. When Luther was 15, his older brother Richard volunteered to join the Marines. This placed additional burden on the family and so Luther was forced to drop out of school to help his family. This burden only increased when the news came that Richard had been killed in action. Luther and his father continued to work together and Luther enjoined the work, even though it was hard and often dangerous.

At around 17, Luther meet a girl from Loxley at the county fair in Mobile. This girl would quickly become the love of his life, and he married Mable the day she turned 18 (they could not married sooner because her father, a lawyer, disapproved of her marrying a fisherman). Luther and Mable settled outside Bay Minette is a small house that he had built and began to build their life together. Mable, maintains parts of her high class upbringing and speaks with a more genteel accent than many of the sailors, and is one of those people with the rare social grace to do so without sounding condescending. She is the only person that does not call Luther “Bear”.

They would have several happy years of her making house and he going to sea, sometimes for weeks at a time. Unfortunately, the family’s trauma was not over, in late 1977, while Luther was at the wheel, the Rambler was caught in a terrible storm. A new able seaman on the ship got one of the lines wrapped around his ankle and was being pulled overboard, Edward Wiley ran to his aid but was swept overboard and lose at sea. At only 21, this left Luther as the Captain of the Rambler. He grew quickly into his new role, and Mable quickly became a sort of den mother for the crew while they were in port, often caring for sick sailors or helping them with their personal issues.

His only brush with the law came in 1980. The crew of the Rambler and several of their wives and girlfriends had gone to a bar near the port. A drunken merchant marine from Sweden vulgarly propositioned Mable. When he refused to apologize, Luther started a fight. When the drunken sailor’s crewmates tried to intervene, the Rambler’s crew joined the fray as well. The end result was that Luther had to spent a week in the county jail and the drunken Swede had to spent a few days in Mobile County hospital.

The years after Luther became captain were prosperous and happy and it wasn’t long before Mable gave birth to their son, Thomas, who almost inevitably gained the nickname “cubbie”. The ship did well and Luther blossomed into a great Captain. A few years later, a final member was added to the family, Elizabeth (who everyone but her mother calls “Libby”). After many years of good harvests and relatively smooth economic times, Luther was beginning to consider retirement. That, of course, was when disaster struck, first, the ship was damaged in port during Hurricane Katrina. Luckily, the ship was saved, but the insurance wasn’t sufficient to make the repairs, forcing Luther to take out a mortgage on the ship to pay for them. Only a few latter the gulf oil spill left the crew sitting on shore for months at a time, and the fishing has yet to recover.

It was in this climate, with Luther desperate to pay the mortgage on the Rambler that he is approached by a Dr. Abrams and offered a chance to make enough money to buy off the mortgage and provide Mable the kind of retirement she deserves….


Agility D8
Smarts D6
Spirit D8
Vigor D4
Strength D6 (Spend hindrance point)

Skills: Boating: D8 (3), Climbing : D6 (2), Fighting : D4 (1),Intimidation : D6 (2), Repair D4, Shooting : D4 (1), Swimming : D4 (1), Taunt : D4,Persuasion : D8 (3)

Edges: Seafarer (free),Charismatic (2 Charisma) (free human edge), Command (1 to avoid Shaken for all allies)

Hindrances: Loyal, Stubborn,Lame

Derived Stats: Charisma: 2, Pace: 3, Toughness ((6+2)/2 ) :6, Parry: 4


Luther Wiley

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