Lance Pearson

A well trained, easily adaptable indavidual who has traveled far in hopes of returning with wealth and supplies

Agility: d8 Smarts: d6 Spirit: d4 Strength: d8 Vigor: d6 Pace: 6 (Even over difficult Terrain) Parry: 7 (With the Traceur bonus) Toughness: 9 (Kevlar vest) Charisma: 0 Fighting: d8 Throwing: d10 Stealth: d6 Healing: d4 Notice: d6 Streetwise: d6 Taunt: d4 Climbing: d4 Curious -2 Heroic -2 Wanted -1 Greedy -1 Ambidextrous (gets rid of one -2 penalty) Quick Draw Quick: Discard draw of 5 or less on initiative cards.


Throwing Axe: 3/16/12 (Range),
Strngth + d6 2 (Damage), (2 is Traceur Bonus)

2X Stun Batons: 2x Strength + d4 +2

Due to a poor stricken past, Lance has set out on a journey hearing of a possible treasure and wealth to be found. Taking up a job as a crew member aboard the Rambler. Treacherous and continual travels for sought after wealth have left Lance a hardened fighter and traveler. Alongside this continuous journey, Lance has become stricken with greed in desperation. Many individuals have seen this in him and caught him in the act of stealing. Seeing how Lance travels from place to place, he maintains a secrecy about him, but also has become well known and as a wanted man.

Lance Pearson

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