John M

Cop -- I don't like to lose.




Agility d8 (fighting, shooting, parry)
Smarts d8 (investigate, notice and streetwise depend on this)
Spirit d6
Strength d6 (Melee damage)
Vigor d6 (toughness depends on this)

Pace 6
Parry 7
Toughness 9
Chaisma 0

fighting d8
investigate d10
notice d8+2
shooting d8
streetwise d8

Heroic [2 pts]: Character always helps those in need

Doubting Thomas [1 pts]: Character does not believe in the supernatural

Phobia (minor) [1 pts]: -2 to trait tests when near the phobia **Fear confined in a tight or small spaces.
Bruce willis
Yankee [2 pts]: Completely Oblivious to natural life. -2 to Notice when in the Wilderness

Ambidextrous: ignore -2 penalty for using off-hand

Two Fisted: may attack with a weapon in each hand without the multi-action penalty
(These two edges combined allow you to fire two guns in one round without penalty)

Soldier, Law Enforcement, Martial Artist:
Martial Artists are highly trained hand to hand combat specialists. The Martial artist is considered armed, even without a weapon equipped, and deals an additional d6 of damage. Also, he receives a +1 bonus to parry. Whoever selects this edge also receives the following bonuses:
STARTING AGILITY OF D6 +1 bonus to Parry Additional d6 damage No “unfamiliar weapon” penalty +2 Notice Uses d8 as Wild Die when making tactical knowledge and planning checks


Dual Desert Eagles (They have the stats of the desert eagle. It can be whatever guns you’d like.)

Damage = 2d8 + 1d6


Letters are to some lost love almost better than any bio you can think of.

So I am not much of writer as you would know best. But I figured I would type out something on paper to remember me by. After 22 yrs of marriage and having a great kid, Lucy, she has moved (just like you) on to her new career (what did she do again doctor, vet-god hopefully nothing in government work?) she is too busy for her old man. I have taken up residents in the captain’s, Joe Green remember him looks Indian—although swears he’s irish) room above the garage in the suburbs of NY, NY. You will be happy to know that I got to the 8th step of 12 but Jack-ie keeps calling.”You win some and lose some” I am down to carton a week you will be happy to hear only because I can’t afford any more smokes on this cop wages. Oh speaking of wages I am thinking about taking little time off from the department and doing something on the side in the private sector. Who knew I would be corporate one day? I hoped that made you laugh MRS CEO or is it COO now—cant remember or don’t want too…anyway . So some rich stiff, Dr Abrams, has offered me an advisory role to his staff and vacation time to the Bermuda Triangle in the next couple of weeks. Captain said water might do some good to get away from all the smell of subways and taxi cabs for a few weeks. I think I might take them up on it.
Good news since I turned 47 I did see my doc at the clinic and my gun shot wounds from 2 yrs ago has finally cleared up. Shooting my self in the shoulder that killed dickhead was a good thought at the time—[cant believe I let him grab me from behind]…well I wasn’t always the brightest but couldn’t take the risk of losing our Lucy. Hey remember that kid – the nerdy one that helped save Lucy – Matty or Matt he actually got a job in the FBI after saving the planet and credit card companies the youngest hired as supervisor. Now he oversees and insures no more FIRESALES and classified inter/web stuff—[why are nerds so…nerdy what does that mean any way FIRESALE???]—I say good for him.
I am droning… sorry just not sure what to say. I all have is my badge, police issued (well Captain lets me carry my .45), handcuffs (and plastic ties –riots: always be prepared) and just a small bit of dignity as long as Jack-ie doesn’t rear his ugly head and keeps me on the couch. The years have been good and bad…but I can’t complain(who would want to listen Simon “Says”/ ass hole). I hope your life is moving forward and your new husband Dough? Ralph? (I really don’t care) is taking care of you…I have left the will and last testament (Matty says my life style in the last 5 years should keep one updated- wise ass) in the safety deposit box in First Nakatomi Bank in Brooklyn. Its right across from that pizza place Lucy loved.
Your friend or whatever you want to call me,
John M.
PS… Tell Detective Al Powell I am not going to see him this Christmas I will have to see his Twinkie sized self next Christmas

John M

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