Inner Earth

Owens Journal Entry #3

A few days. Has it really only been 3 maybe 4 days since I’ve arrived? I haven’t had a moment’s rest since I’ve got here to analyze any of my findings or samples. Despite everything I’ve seen I refuse to believe these bizarre events can’t be explained once I grasp why the fundamental scientific constants would be so different in this “inner earth”. If that’s truly where we are. When dealing with 3rd Dimensional Displacement It would be just as plausible for us to have traveled to another planet far on the outer reaches of our universe. For all I know it was 4th dimensional displacement putting us in a different time as well.

What’s interesting is it’s been increasingly easier not to be shocked by what I’ve run into. I’m always expecting the unexpected so I can properly assess and solve the most recent problem this place assigns me. One thing I’m grateful of is that I will have plenty of food for thought while I’m here (a king’s feast even). It should keep my brain sharp like well-used sword. Once a man loses his wits he has never been more vulnerable.

I must never show vulnerability, especially with this rough crowd. Most of the crew of the ship that I’ve arrived with died on the journey in. I could count those in our party that I have even a chance of trusting on one hand.

Why’d we have to lose you John? I suppose it’s too early to call him dead but he made some very reckless decisions back at the temple but somehow Davos miraculously survived. I’m not sure what makes Davos tick but I haven’t begun to trust him. He’s very understated but he definitely knows his way around a gun. He’s been very on target and aware of his surroundings when his life has depended on it.

Trake; Chemical imbalance? Superiority complex? I didn’t get a doctorate in psychology but he must have been raised by animals to act the way he does. He takes the worst possible action as quickly as possible in any given circumstance. It’s practically clockwork. The best I can do is stay out of his metaphorical targeting scope until we can be rid of him.

I like “Ghost”. He’s an intriguing study of very limited surroundings and beliefs. His view of the world was painted by his tribe, that’s why he sees things in black and white. I pity him mostly but also appreciate someone who always let you know where you stand with them.

Luther, Boisterous and foolhardy, I still don’t quite understand why he wanted to sign up for this voyage with so much to lose. Still, he’s incredibly valuable at persuading the natives into not writing us off (in one way or another).

Wilfred was a big part of the reason I didn’t die a couple days back and I guess that experience was too much for him to handle. I wish him luck but I dare-say he’s made an extremely terrible decision going off on his lonesome like he has. I guess he’s an adventurer at heart.

The Major and the Doctor; they are Abram’s people and have very obvious roles to fulfill. I will continue to keep an eye on them as well but for the most part they don’t worry me as much.

I know exceptionally little about Lance so far. Luther seems to trust him well enough and he at least signed up for the pilgrimage legitimately. I suppose it’s something to be said that he’s pretty much the last surviving crew-member that the captain had aboard. But all that has really stuck with me about him so far is that when he smiles he comes off daft.

More on this later I’m sure…


Ha, brilliant! Good character summaries from Owen’s point of view.
It’s also good to see he hasn’t gone completely mad yet and is still keeping tabs on his forced bedfellows.

Owens Journal Entry #3

I really like this as well, and was planning to do something similar from Luther’s standpoint

Owens Journal Entry #3

Thumbs on the journal entry

Owens Journal Entry #3

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