Inner Earth

I need rest but my sleep is most unrestful

Bandits, savage natives, a booby-trapped temple, prehistoric creatures, and an exotic shapeshifter. To say I’m out of my element is an understatement. I’ve absorbed so many impossibilities in the last couple “days” that I’ve been here it’s no wonder my body is shutting down due to the stress.

The temple was everything you could imagine from a lost indiana jones screenplay. Since the fight with the “Moon-bat” I’d felt my senses evolving I’d felt stronger and when I had time to process it the possibilities scared me. I became the embodiment of my doubts about this place as I took on stranger bat-like qualities. I had transformed into a character out of an Ann Rice novel by the end of it. Fortunately, I managed to convince Ms. Gray Bat to give me her natural antigen in time. If only it actually happened that way. To be honest I wasn’t very rational there at the end. I’ve never been in such a violent state of mind but it did feel appropriate in the moment. Now if I can just stop feeling guilty about it. It was kill or be killed, there wasn’t any other way. I don’t even know if she was human really. Not yet at least.

My associates went out in search of Jackson’s gang, supposedly they ransacked Luther’s ship. Or are they back already? How long have I been resting?



Remind me to give you your two bennies for the two journal entries on Monday!

Owens Journal Entry #2

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