Inner Earth

Writer’s Note: Forgive my lack of detail in this entry but I’m feverishly trying to summarize the notes I’ve taken on my first day in this bizarre new region.

The Bermuda Triangle! I’ve spent a good part of half my life researching this phenomenon and now I’ve finally made it there (albeit briefly). As soon as we arrive we run into expected power outages and navigational failures (they didn’t worry nor surprise me as I’ve stated I’ve researched the Triangle painstakingly). What did throw me however, would be what seemed to be a Giant Squid throwing Abrams hired mercenaries overboard and a Dimensional Portal of some sort! Nothing like this portal has ever been able to possibly exist on earth! Its my understanding that theoretical dimensional portals could only occur in space in close proximity to a black hole.

Upon stepping through the “looking glass” we arrived in an environment that is closely described as tropical where the “sun” is stagnant in the sky, glows redder and is noticeably larger. The creatures that reside here are massive if not prehistoric in nature. The remaining crew and I had to fight raptor like creatures. We also survived (well most of us) an attack by a giant bat-like beat who the natives refer to as the “Moon Bat” (oh yeah we’ve also met natives and have quickly learned their language. Impossibly quick even.) They said I had a mere 20 something hours to take care of my wound or it will be fatel.

Too be honest I dont feel bad at all. I feel sharper, bolder then ever. Even still I saw the last guy who got hurt way worse, I cant risk it. So we are on our way to the natives temple and taking place in some ritualistic nonsense so they will show me the cure.

I’m dying, and yet I’ve never felt more alive.



I like it!

Owens Journal Entry #1

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